July 16, 2017

Thierrion and Kevin come to you LIVE from the Mensa Annual Gathering in Hollywood, FL, with special guest, professional wrestler Sobeq Ra!  Sobeq talks about why he thinks it's shallow to date intelligent women, his underground fight with Bruce Santee, and grown men crying (you'll be surprised!). He's got something to say to or about anything and anyone involved with pro wrestling in Florida! Definitely our most epic episode to date!


UGLYWOOD - Episode 7

June 28, 2017

Kevin & Thierrion discuss "The Red Pill" documentary at length, giving their opinions of feminism, the men's rights movement, and what they stand to gain by working together.  

We also talk about Thierrion's upcoming show on July 25 at the Comedy Store, and our next couple episodes from the road and the Mensa Annual Gathering in Florida!



June 20, 2017

A special Father's Day edition of UGLYWOOD! Kevin talks about why his was so special this year, and Thierrion tells the story of how he ended up in the family he did.  Also a special Father's Day ediiton of "Fart Story of the Week."


UGLYWOOD - Episode 5

June 14, 2017

Kevin's back to co-host!  We talk hockey, we review Wonder Woman, we give our opinion on the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade getting co-opted by the #resist march, and we premiere our new segment, "Fart Story of the Week."


UGLYWOOD - Episode 4

June 5, 2017

New co-host Kevin gets broken in, but not broken. Join us as we tell you why soccer sucks, and why it will continue to suck.

We opine about Kathy Griffin, and it's not what you think. It can't be. If you're looking for someone to agree with you, you won't find it here. We piss off everybody, and piss on a few people, too.

We discuss Thierrion's weight struggles--who are we kidding? WE FAT SHAME. But Thierrion's really fat, so it's OK. 

Thierrion went to an NHL team's yard sale and (barely) made it back alive. Listen to his experience, and learn!


UGLYWOOD - Episode 3

May 30, 2017

Laura was supposed to be a cohost on Thierrion's previous podcast, but we finally got her for this episode!  We give a heartfelt eulogy on the Ducks season, we discuss why Thierrion *would* have skipped Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and we banter about our Memorial Day plans.  

We also discuss the ongoing fight regarding the high-IQ group Mensa imposing a Code of Conduct on its members.


UGLYWOOD - Episode 2

May 25, 2017

The first episode with co-host Trina Cafferty!  Thierrion reveals who to blame for his getting into comedy, explains why he didn't want to write war movies when he was an aspiring screenwriter, and offers tips on how to contribute to your team's Stanley Cup run just by going to the bathroom.

Recorded May 23, 2017, less than 24 hrs after the Anaheim Ducks' season ended.


UGLYWOOD Episode 1

May 18, 2017

Thierrion talks about the Ducks/Nashville series, being a Ducks season ticket holder, California "bum culture," and why he left a Western Conference Final game to see the L.A. Temptation of the Legends Football League (LFL), aka the Lingerie Footballl League